The Unoriginal And Tired Script Of The Interview For Female Personalities


Female celebrities and personalities never catch a break especially when they’re in the spotlight. It’s not enough that they’re subject to a bit more scrutiny and criticism for what they do day to day in their jobs but they have to contend with the same rhetoric and same old tired interviews from male interviewers.

Case in point: Wendy Shay

Recently, Wendy Shay abruptly walked out of interview with a presenter on a radio show. Apparently, the host repetitively asked her if she was having an affair with her manager Bullet.

We’ve seen this play out before where interviewers ask about female celebrities dating lives for whatever reason. Well, this time, Wendy Shay wasn’t having it and asked that they talk about something else.

For whatever reason, the interviewer insisted to ask again, going as far to say that he had evidence that she was dating her manager.

At this point, Wendy Shay decided the interview was over and proceeded to end the interview pre-maturely (as she should!).

The Same Old Tired Interview Questions

Female personalities tend to get the short end of the stick especially when it comes to entertainment. For whatever reason, interviewers (mostly men) seem to be obsessed with getting into their dating life and other aspects of their lives which have nothing to do with the purpose of the interview (In Wendy Shay’s case, trying to promote her music)

Here’s the script when it comes to female personality interviews:

  • Who Are You Dating?
  • Where are you going to get married?
  • You’re getting old, aren’t you going to settle down?
  • Why did you break up with [Insert Ex-Boyfriend Who Is Famous]
  • You posted a picture on Instagram and [Proceeds to talk about how “provocative” the picture was]

And it goes on and on….

The entertainment scene is still not fairly balanced for female personalities. The whole industry as a whole is sexist and female personalities tend to be “sexualised” more often rather than given credit for their craft.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see this changing anytime soon. The Ghana entertainment industry is still male-dominated and it can be hard to be a breakout start unless your talent transcends your physical looks (but then you still have to have a certain image).

So unless there’s a mass uproar (we’re cynically on that) in the industry when it comes to the treatment and interviews of female personalities, we’re kind of stuck in this era where we’re likely to keep seeing these type of interviews play out over and over again.

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the founder and editor at large of Labari Media.

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